Dinner Menu

Local Mission Market Bread, Butter and Salt 6
Marinated Olives, Citrus, Chili 6
House Made Pickles 6
BBQ Oysters Smoked Onion, Peach, Tarragon 4ea
Cured Local Anchovies, olive oil, herbs 7
Farmstead Cheese, Nuts, Jams, Toast 15

Padrons Meyer Lemon,Ricotta, Herbs 9
Autumn Greens Avocado, Egg, Smoked Onion 12
Heirloom Tomatoes Pomegranate, Thyme, Feta 14
Brussels Sprouts Bacon, Flame Grapes, Sage, Yogurt 13

Confit Chicken Wings Honey, Pickled Chili, Cilantro 14
Mackerel Escabeche Delicata, Charred Radicchio 14
Smoked Trout Asian Pear, Creme Fraiche, Walnut 15
Duck Liver Mousse Apple, Gastrique, Butternut 15

Risotto, Smoked Tomato, Broccoli, Dry Jack, Olives 19
Black Rock Fish Butter Beans, Peppers, Cherry Tomato 21
Duck Breast Wheatberries, Kabocha, Persimmon 23
Flank Steak Charred Fennel, Sunchokes, Celery Root 24

participation of entire table required


Wine by the Glass

BrutMary Elke, North Coast, NV13
Twenty Five Reasons Salinia, Mendocino 14
Rose Vin GrisBonny Doon Vineyard, Central Coast, 2013 9
Sauvignon Blanc Les Caves Roties de Pentes, Sonoma, 2013 9

Tocai FriulanoFolk Machine, Mendocino, 201411
ChardonnayBroadside, Central Coast, 201211
Chenin BlancLo-Fi, Santa Ynez, 2014 15

Rose of Cabernet FrancSer, Santa Ynez, 2014 11
Gamay/PinotLo-Fi Wines, Santa Barbara, 2014 14
CarignaneCalder, Mendocino, 2013 14

Roussane & MarsanneDeux Punx, El Dorado, 2013 14
Chorus EffectField Recordings, Paso Robles, 201313
Pinot Noir Neighborhood Vineyard, Central Coast, 2013 13
Cabernet FrancBroc Cellars, Santa Barbara County, 2014 15
Zinfandel Birichinio, Central Coast 2013 14