Yaron Milgrom

Inspired by 24th Street, smitten by San Francisco’s produce, awed by the possibilities, and driven by a love of feeding people, Local came to be.  When not at one of the Local businesses, Yaron and his family (his wife, Miriam, and their three, gourmand kids, Cruv, Rimon, and Lefett), happy residents of the village of 24th Street, rarely stray from its playful parks, tree-lined streets, and vibrant storefronts.


Jacob Des Voignes

Executive Chef, Co-Owner
Jake’s career began by accident or, depending on how you look at it, was fated.  Short on cash, he took his first cooking job to get-by. Quickly, it evolved into more. He bookishly researched cooking technique and history, read “White Heat” by Marco Pierre White, and learned that food could be art and not just a meal.  At Miro Restaurant in Santa Barbara, Jaked trained in French technique.  From there, it moved quickly.  A trip to New York became a job at Craft, where he worked for Tom Colicchio.  Soon after, the Northern California native replanted his roots in San Francisco at the Fifth Floor with Melissa Perrelo.  A few years later, he and his fellow sous-chef were running the show at the Fifth Floor and earned a Michelin Star.  From there, Jake headed Fish and Farm.  And then he met Yaron.